The driver’s seat, cont.

Eric, the car service driver mentioned in my earlier post, sent me an email in response to one I sent him. I quote it here verbatim:

“In thinking about your work it occurred to me that when  people are involved in news they become more empowered and engaged. This new level of engagement is one of the prerequisites for us to be a player in a globalized world. It seems this new level of involvement might be helpful in addressing societal issues such as gang violence, teen “coming of age” challenges. As your program expands there maybe some data management issues. I think the days of a wad of pulp landing on or near one’s property (90% headed for recycle bin or used to train the puppy) are numbered. Good journalists certainly deserve our admiration and respect. However, great ideas and helpful suggestions can come from anyone.
Hope your meeting was productive. (It’s not easy for doctor to examine himself!)  The fact that your having this meeting gives me hope”

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